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Rubber band?? Cutting....

Hello. I am new to this group.
I have self harmed once (as in cutting), then never did it again. But i have wanted to, sometime when setting the table, and i grab the cuttlery.i have this urge to lower the knife to my leg and do it quickly. But i somehow resist it. I know someone will obviously notice.
But anyway, i was actually wondering if hitting your wrist with a rubber band is considered self harm? I have read in many places on the web, that it depends on if you do it to the point of bruising or seriosu damage. (Which is not as bad as cutting obviously.) Then others say that its not because you are not doing serious damage to your skin.
And OTHERS say that any form of hurting yourslef, or self mutilation should be considered self harm.
P.S incase any of you need this information to clarify your opinion, well i do pull the rubber band very far. The rubber band i use is also a very tough and thick one.  It leaves red marks sometimes for a few hours,.Although the longest and the toughest marks i had 3-5 days.
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Hey. Lots of people will have differing opinions on this topic understandably. Personally for a short term solution I don't think a rubber band is a terrible idea, but it could harm you by cutting circulation and damaging skin. When I went through a time of feeling I needed to self harm I would squeeze an ice cube in my hand to stop myself cutting (a doctor suggested it) It would cause enough pain from the cold to "satisfy" the need, and at the same time not damage/harm me. Maybe you could try that if you are worried about damaging your skin with the rubber band.
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Hi Mishy, welcome to the board! and yes that could be a way of self harm. I have also heard of rubber bands being used as a coping mechanism (like the ice cube mentioned above) to not cut/burn/etc. it is of course much milder, but you are self harming nonetheless.

Are there certain triggers you are able to avoid? Do you use other distractions that do not require harm, such as reading or music? Have you discussed these feelings/actions with anyone?

Sorry for the bombardment of questions but these may be things you should address...whether here or otherwise. We are always here to listen and to help where we can. (HUGS)(if ok to)
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Just checking in to see how you are doing and if you have considered the advice of both Rugger and yelyabs above?

It was suggested I try the rubberband affect when I was in an IOP program by one of the counselors.  Yet when I did, another counselor told me to stop it because it was a form of self harm.  So there you have it... some counselors will support the idea of choosing the lessor of self harming methods, understanding that until new coping statagies are developed, you can not have your current coping skills taken away... but you can have the amount of self harm, decreased.  Then there are those counselors who will say all self harm behaviors need to stop and have you sign a "contract" stating you will not self harm while under their care.  I tend to avoid the latter group.

Harm reduction is the first step in the journey of letting go of self harming coping mechanisms and replacing them with healthier coping skills.  So if a rubberband prevents you from using a more "drastic" method, I would say okay... then challenge you to consider setting a goal of reducing the size of the rubberband and frequency of snapping it, then replacing it with a soft hair scruntchie, etc...

I hope this helps.
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Yes your right thanks... But I am not sure if the ice cube would be accessible at the times I might need it... I only harm myself if I need to, in my room, no one knows about it.
Also I usually just pull the rubber band then take it off... Depending on how hard I do it, it leaves a red mark for a little bit...
:) :)
Thanks for the comment, and so sorry for the super late reply... I didn't realise I got a reply to this question until now... Sorry

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Well I am doing alright now... But usually I get triggered by the stress and anxiety due to schoolwork and all that. SO at the moment I have school holidays, but I start again in 3 days, so I guess we will see how I go.. I feel like I am feeling alright about going back now, but my anxiety sometimes has a mind of its own.... I do use music, but when  I feel anxious or something I make myself feel worse by listening to sad music or music that triggers my anxiety even more... Sso due to my choices, sometimes music doesn't work... Also I don't read, like at all... But I am starting to now, because I realised how critical it is when it comes to school. haha
And yes I had discussed them with some people, like a teacher, counsellor... and... I think that's about it. :)
Aww thanks (hugs you back)

Also I am so sorry for the year-late reply...  honestly did not see that you replied to my question until now....
Thanks again xxx
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I  have considered the advice of them two yes. :) But I don't think ill try it out, seeing i tend to be at my worst during school, and im on holidays now. So for the moment i am doing well. :)
Yeah well i was suggested by my old counsellor a year and a half ago, that i use the rubber band instead of cutting. This was when she found out i tried cutting myself, but it wasn't deep because i don't think i really knew how to do it. BUt i think the aim of it was to try it out only. BUt i was searching for another way to hurt myself, so yeah she suggested the rubber band.
I will be honest with you, if i ever want to, i will punch myself and still use rubber band, but i don't burn/cut/ or anything like that. :)
The thing is, i don't mind self harming... I am not a "severe" self harmer, like i don't do it all the time, or every day or something like that...  Just when i feel anxious, stressed, frustrated, or just want to punish myself for not doing something, or for doing something wrong....
Thank you so much for your help! And i am terribly sorry for the very very very late reply.... I didn't see your comment until today. :)
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