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After the Hospital

I have had Sepsis, went into Septic Shock, I spent 3 weeks in an Induced Coma, and 5 weeks in ICU, after 6 months in Hospital I finally got home.
Now after 18 months at home I still feel really sick, unable to do much, body pain, headaches, very short of breath, unable to walk far as they cut a large portion of my Calf muscle, scraping to the bone to remove the infection.   As a result of the open wound I also contracted VRE.

Now I am worried because I accidentally scraped my leg, it didn't bleed, but it did weep a lot of clear/yellowish fluid.   (I am on fluid tablets)
My question is, is this the Sepsis coming back, and what can I do to prevent a repeat, as I am 68 years old and don't think I'll make it a second time around.

Please help.
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