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My Grandma was Misdianosed with pneumonia...Further Complications I need some advice

My grandma went to Stat-care Easter Sunday and they sent her home with Bronchitis.  Maybe a few weeks prior she had repetitive oral thrush. April 17, 2017 she was light-headed, tired, spitting up pink sputum and had a headache. She was taken to the ER. Chest x-rays were clear. They treated her for pneumonia? That evening we were on the phone and she started having trouble breathing. By the next morning she was on a ventilator which was doing 100% of the work. She was alert just confused. The next day she was a little agitated and the Dr. said that she might have ARDS. Within a few days of guessing, she laid at a 35' angle when they figured out she was misdiagnosed and had Pulmonary Edema. ? Until I did some research...ARDS is the same thing as PE... She had 3.1ml of fluid in her lungs and the next few days now its between the lungs? Well that's plural effusion...and to me that sounds like they took to long and basically drowned her to the point it has now hit her heart. Next day oh its now Cardiogenic Pulmonary Edema and her kidneys took a hit? The infectious disease DR. now thought on day 8 (my grandma is now in a drug induced coma. Let me add Propofol and fentynol...sometime morphine or Tylenol 3/4 with respiratory issues? They had her on Dextentomdine, insulin, lasik, propfol and heprin 24/7. Then they said they overdosed her on Zoloft? Would a 79 year old woman in a drug induced coma need depression meds? By the grace of god among many other things I saw her go through bc of negligence or lack of knowledge... She home and has a new pacemaker! The last 2 weeks she has severe back pain and the nurses have come to the house to check her and they said maybe a twisted bladder? She went to a Urologist today and he told her she had previously had huge amounts of yeast in her blood,. Then we found out she had Sepsis ? She goes for a bladder test in 2 mths bc they r taking her off a blood pressure med and she is taking some pill to try and get her to empty her bladder until the surgery? Is she even strong enough? She has been through hell already. What are the chances they are missing something and she could still have sepsis? Thanks concerned grandaughter
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