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Slight low sperm count... plz help

Hi. I am 30 and husband is 32. Recently his semen test result shows that he has slight low sperm count

Total count: 40.95 millions
Motility : 45%.( 40%Active Motile, 5% Sluggish motile)
Morphology: (Normal: 84%, Abnormal: 16%)
Viscocity: High
Reaction: Alkaline
Liquification time: One Hour
Volume :3ml

He had a mild infection too of Leukocytes so Dr prescribed antibiotics for 5 days and Ginseng capsules and Proviron Tablet once a day .
plz tell me is it the right dose and how much will it take to enhace sperm count and motility?
We are TTC too so what are our chances of conception and how often we should have intercourse?
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Hi there. It has been my experience that the results of semen analysis can often throw more heat than light. In my view your husband's semen analysis is well within normal limits and is healthy. He does not need any treatment therefore.

At your age of 30 you would not be deemed "infertile" until you had been trying to conceive for at least 2 years. If this is your case then you may need some investigation at this stage. If, however this is not your situation then just give things more time and relax about it. Concentrating on frequency or timing  of intercourse also only adds to your stress and may be counterproductive. Good luck.
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Thank you so much dr.i am at ease now.i want to tell you about my situation as well and i will appreciate if you will be of any help.Last month,same time as my husband, i went to a gyecologist. She took an ultrasound of uterus and 5 blood tests.ultrasound was fine and 3 blood tests too(hemoglobin, blood type and Random blood glucose).but two hormones test were not,TSH: 11.17 Prolactin:61.54. She prescribed Eltroxin 50 mg once a day and Parlodel 2,5mg half twice a day and told me to come after 3 months for retest.she didnt stop me from TTC.its 5 weeks now that i am taking these medicines
My questions are:
is my dose right?should I go for a retest after 6 weeks to see if medicine is working? Can i concieve easily with out any problem?
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It would not be right for me to comment on a colleague's management of your situation. This is particularly so since you have not told me what your situation exactly is.
Again I say at aged 30 you would need to be trying for a pregnancy for at least 2 years and have never had a pregnancy, before you head down the road of complex and often confusing hormonal assays. This can be a spiral of fear and a road to nowhere.
If you have not been trying for a pregnancy for more than 2 years then you should be out enjoying yourself and relaxing and not worrying about TSH or Prolactin levels. I hope that this makes sense.
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Thank you so much dear Dr. I was a bit stressed out and you have really made me hopeful. Though i am married for 3 years now but we could not try actively because my husband was working abroad and he used to come once in a year for one and a half month and i did not conceive in those timings. Now i am with him and we are actively trying. So i hope everything will be fine.I will not be worried now. Thank you again. May God bless you.
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