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Bartholin's Cyst ot STI?

About one month ago, I was sexually assaulted. It is hard to admit, but it is true. After the fact, I had some hemorrhaging from my behind despite it only being vaginal penetration. This person was not using any protection. After this occurred, I ran away, but I had contacted him later asking if he had any STIs. This was someone I thought I could trust. He claimed that he did not and that he was just tested two weeks prior. About one month later, today, I felt something while inserting my tampon on what I thought was my labia minora.

However, it was on the lower left of my vaginal opening. It felt like a water blister, very tender. It is singular, painless, and does not itch. It is about the size of a pencil eraser overall. It is pink, which is the same color as my labia minora and vagina. It is slightly visible, but not very much at all. I recognized this area to be where the Bartholin's gland is located, almost without a doubt, since I am very familiar with anatomy since I study the health sciences. Perhaps it is a cyst rather than a genital wart or herpes? I believe that most "lump and bump" STIs occur in multiples. These types of cysts are comorbid with other infections, sexual or not, but I have not had any other symptoms in this past month.

I have to wait until Wednesday before I seek medical help because of finals and dealing with my grandparents' illnesses. But I can't sleep thinking about this, and I would appreciate opinions. I know I should have gotten tested earlier, but after what had happened, I did not feel comfortable talking about this situation and being probed.
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I'm very sorry that you had this experience; no one should ever have to deal w/ sexual assault... It does sound a lot like a cyst (possibly Bartholin), but honestly the only person to best advise you regarding your concern here, would be a doctor/gynecologist.  It's very wise of you to see a doctor as soon as you can. Never take anyone at their word when it comes to questions about STI's or STD's; some people are unaware of even having an infection or disease, and some aren't even honest about it when they do know.  Doctors usually don't ask you specific questions about any intimacy or your sex life unless you openly discuss the topic with them; talking about the assault would be left to your discretion.  Meanwhile, try to take time to get rest and take good care of yourself; worrying too much before you see a doctor will just cause more unhealthy stress...

Take Care  
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Thank you very much
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