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Can Plan B make second period late?

My girlfriend and I had sex on the month of April. Before the month of April of having sex, we also had sex (so at the between of March and beginning of April). She took Plan B because she was scared and saw *** WHEN I PULLED OUT. So she took Plan B and got her period on April 16. I'm not sure how long it lasted, but I know it ended the week after. Then we had sex after her period ended. We had sex on April 23 and we had raw sex. I pulled out and I came. Then my intention was to run raw sex for the first 5 minutes, but I pulled out and came instead. BUT I DID NOT *** THAT MUCH. I just came a little bit, then I wiped it off with my fingers, but still had on my fingers. Then I went to grab the condom and put it on while my fingers still had ***. Then I wiped both my fingers and condom with my underwear. Then I went back to her and pleasure her while I was jacking myself off. Then after 3-5 mins, I fingered her and tried to put my **** back in but it wasn't as hard anymore so it couldn't go all the way in and her vagina wasn't as wet or opened as it was when we had raw sex. It's now May and she hasn't had her period. She was expected to get her period this week of May, but from what I read, Plan B can make the next period a week early or a week late. But it's a week late instead. It didn't come any earlier before this week. Is the Plan B affecting my girlfriend's period or is she pregnant?
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Plan B can make her late.  I think it is 2 to 3 months there are hormones to deal with after Plan B and that can make a girl late and have irregular patterns of spotting also.  Your story is hard to follow but don't put your penis in her without a condom even for a few minutes of 'raw' before you put a condom on.  Your penis will let out small out of sperm you may not even really see or notice and it's enough for pregnancy.  Wear a condom if you put your penis inside of her.  Plan B, by the way, has to be taken within 72 hours from when you had sex to work.  If you have doubt it did work, have her take a pregnancy test.
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