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Can any STDs survive washing?

So I bought new underwear (I'm a female and I know some women try them on and they can be returned as well) and they were in a packet, and I chose a pack that looked like it hadn't been opened or anything. They have been washed twice (dropped them on floor after first wash and OCD so rewashed) with detergent and an antibacterial conditioner thing at 40°C. When putting on a pair this morning I noticed like a small round light grey stain on the white fabric in the gusset and panicked and binned them (again, OCD). Can anything survive 2 wash cycles? Also, what would cause light grey staining in a small area of a gusset of new underwear?

Thank you for any answers
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Microorganisms that produce STDs are quite sensitive to the environment and they don't survive for so long outside the body. Although using the same clothes as other people is not really hygienic, if you washed them previously, no STD will be transmitted.
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