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Can sperm survive dirty water and be pragnant?

  2 days ago,after masturbation  I had used a public
toilet where I washed my vagina with the normal water pump. I have
heard stories of girls getting pregnant by using water tubs and pools.  Can I get pregnant if the water was mixed with semen and entered my vagina somehow because my vagina was wet. As it was a dirty public toilet , someone may have ejaculated on the top of the water pump.Can sperm survive dirty water.  Please answer my question.  I am so worried.
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No one gets pregnant from water tubs or pools.  Really, it's not THAT easy to get pregnant.  Sperm is smart and all but does not find a vagina while floating in a pool and swim there.  :>)  No, you can't get pregnant from washing your vagina in the public bathroom.  However, really, I can't imagine needing to masturbate so badly I do it in a gross public place.  Wait til you get home and let the next person use the bathroom to pee rather than tying it up for that.  
Agree 100% with your answer, specialmom, it would be virtually impossible for this to happen...
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