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Can sperm survive on a loofah after a 10 minute shower ?

So I ejaculated on a tissue while showering but a little drop fell onto a Loofah, I washed myself with the loofah in hopes that all the sperm would die. I shower with about 105-110 degree water. I have read about what osmotic shock, soap, and water do to sperm, but I am still paranoid. After I came out the bathroom my sister showered and used the same loofah. Is there any chance she could get pregnant. Also would I have spread around the little drop of sperm throughout the loofah while washing myself??
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Not gonna happen.  It's dead.  Look, sperm gotta swim a long way to get to the ovaries, and frankly, most of them are really bad swimmers.  When one has intercourse, the sperm gets ejaculated so it gets a head of steam going, and there's a whole lot of it and yet it almost always fails to reach its target and do its thing.  It's amazing, really, that anyone ever gets pregnant, but we do so it works well enough, but in this case, again, not gonna happen.
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