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Cant *** with a girl

Im a 17 year old boy. Ive had various sexual experiences only at parties with alcohol. However ive never *** either from sex or from head ect. I can when i masturbate. Im worried about this- i do not believe it was alcohol that did it. The other day at a party i got an erection but it went away and then i couldn't get it back when she wanted sex. Ive never done it in a bedroom though or in comfortable conditions-  and ive only had the oppourtunity to *** three times realistically. Is this normal?
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It sounds like a lack of confidence or "beginner's nerves". Try not to worry about it beforehand, if you can. It can get in your head and you worry and then it happens.

Doing it in strange places (not in your comfortable place) can add distractions and awkwardness.

You're young.
It sounds normal.
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The above suggestion is very practical. Take the failure lightly.In a proper environment you will perform mutually satisfactory climax.
To enhance sexual stamina, you may do breathing exercises.
1 abdominal breathing.
2 Retaining breath
3Tandem breathing.
See the video on breathing , given above.
You may also google the words to get the websites.
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