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Decreased sexual desire

Hi.  I will tell my story.  I have an old fear of HIV.  A week ago I had sex with a girl friend of mine, and I was afraid of transmitting the virus to her.  I do not have the virus but my fear causes it.  I got an orgasm.  Then I tried to get an erection, but I couldn't and no longer wanted it.  Then I became afraid of this again (meaning that I cannot get an erection) and after that I lost my sexual desire until now. I have no sexual desire.  And I can't get an erection.  If I want an erection, get erect and have an orgasm myself but without sexual desire. I always think about it and fear that I will not have an erection.  I went to the doctor and tested testosterone and prolactin, both are good .. what do you think helped me
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One of the ways they judge an anxiety disorder is by how it impacts your life.  Your tests were conclusive as stated in the HIV forum and you continued to ruminate and ask.  Now you are posting you are having libido problems due to continued anxiety over it.  All anyone here can tell you is to go get help for your anxiety and maybe some of this mental health issue can get better and you can go back to a normal life.  Your issue is mental health related.  Sex is intertwined with that.  As the fall out of your anxiety is affecting a few areas of your life, get help for it.  Talk to your doctor.  Invest in virtual therapy if you are not sure you want to go to an office as there are many websites now that provide that.  But Anxiety appears to be the disorder causing issues to your normal life.
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Thank you my friend .  Let me explain to you, I was thinking in fear of the AIDS virus, but when it happened to me, I forgot about AIDS, and I began to think about erection and desire, and I forgot AIDS.  And the desire is gone, and with it my erection, and I don't feel my morning erection. Even when I wake up I start thinking about it.  Opinion please
You've exhausted the subject of HIV on the other forum when you were clearly told your tests are conclusive.  And I answered your question.  You need to see a therapist to work on your anxiety disorder.  
I agree with what GR has said here - it’s quite clear the problem is psychological, not physical. If you can get an erection even WITHOUT any desire, that’s proof right there that this is NOT a physical prblm. Please take GR’s advice & address the psychological aspect, which may require some therapy...
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