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Educating too sooner and feeling tiredness i

It has become serious concern for me, i am 27 male and masterbating from almost 10 yrs or more and i masterbate everyday most of the days, some time once sometimes twice or thrice a day.
Now from almost a year I have started feeling pain in my legs after i materbate and i have started ejucating too sooner wheather i am masterbating or doing sex. Now i am too much worried about this whole thing. Please help me as i am trying my best to quit masterbating and will that gonna turn me back as i was at 25 Please do reply.
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First, I highly doubt that masturbation is responsible for pain in your legs, unless you are sitting or lying in some very awkward position during that activity. That's a fairly high level of masturbation, but not all that unusual. At your age, many guys have a pretty high sex drive & do it frequently.
I think the reason you are ejaculating too quickly may be related to your technique - you may have gotten into the habit of masturbating rather quickly & have sort of 'trained' yourself to get off very quickly. I just discussed this in another thread the other day - you should try the 'start & stop' technique. As you stimulate yourself & feel you are getting close to climax, stop & wait for 1/2 a minute or longer, wait for the urge to ejaculate to diminish somewhat, then begin again. As before, when you feel you're getting close, stop, take a few breaths & wait for the urge to fall away a bit. You can do this as many times as you wish, but obviously at some point you can go ahead & allow yourself to finish. As you do this with each 'session', you'll find over time that you'll gain better control over orgasm & ejaculation & you should be able to last longer both solo & with a partner. Also, you may find that when you finally do ejaculate, the sensation will be stronger, more satisfying & you'll almost certainly ejaculate  a bigger load. All these things will make sex (alone or with a partner) more enjoyable for you AND your partner.
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Thanks for replying me.
I got you what you said.
As i am trying to stop or lower the frequency but is that gonna help me regain my body? And Does this really lower down your physical  health? And do you think as i am/was doing too much masterbating does that have affected any to my penis?
Please do reply.

Sincere thanks.
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