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Erectile dysfunction

I am 18 years old ..... Last 2 times when I am trying to sex i losses my erection when half is done .... Penis become loose and it's impossible to erect with losses penis so what should I have to do ..... I also fear about taking viagra because of my age and I have kidney stone
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Fear of failure is the main reason for ED.  It is normal for a young person like you. Learn to relax by breathing exercise. Deep breathing and abdominal breathing willl help you to overcome your problem, you may look for male deer exercise in goole or other website. wish you best of luck.
I agree that at 18, it's unlikely caused by a physical problem. Utvlove, I'm betting you have no trouble maintaining an erection when you're by yourself - if so, that tells you it is NOT a physical problem. It's most likely more of an issue w/ anxiety, which, as Dalubaba said, is actually pretty common. So you need to find ways to relax & his advice is good. Also, for the first few times you're with with a lady, I advise to state beforehand that you guys will NOT have intercourse yet - instead, you have many ways to pleasure each other, and once you've done that a few times, you can move on to full intercourse & I'm betting at that point your anxiety will have disappeared and both of you will be more comfortable & at ease with each other. Also, she will be pleased that you're paying attention to HER needs & giving her orgasms - she'll appreciate it!
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