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Help? Suggestions maybe?

I'm 14 and starting to become a sophomore and my gf was makin penis jokes and that got me thinkin bout my penis. Its around 5 1/2 inches when Im erected :/ I cant buy enlargement pills since I dont have a credit and Im too young. Any tips on how I can make my penis grow so I don't have to be all shy and ****?
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If you were 25, I'd tell you to get a more thoughtful and sensitive girlfriend.  But at 15, pretty much everyone blurts out all kinds of stupid stuff, so even if you threw her back into the pond and went fishing for another, odds are that you would get one that makes just as many ill-considered jokes as the last one did.  

Here's what is going on.  She is trying to be sophisiticated.  She thinks making penis jokes is witty.  It makes her feel racy and grown up.  (She is mistaken in this ... sophisticated adult women do not visit each other and have martinis in their penthouses and entertain themselves by standing around and making penis jokes.)  Her joking does not mean she has a secret yearning to go to bed with a guy with a huge wanger.  No woman would want to, it would HURT.  Women's vaginas are proportional to their height, with a woman of average height having about a 5-inch to 6-inch-deep vagina.  All the 9-inch and 10-inch jokes aside, she is not saying she wants to be pushed into with something that would be painful.

She hit you on the raw with her dumb taste in jokes because you are only 15 and believe all the urban sexual mythology kids tell each other about penis size.  Try to drop that idea that there is some kind of inherent contest and the biggest penis wins.  It's not the size of the tool, it is the skill of the user.   5 1/2 inches is perfect.  

Try to forget about all this measuring and get out there and be an ardent and loving boyfriend.   You will not get to the enviable position of having to beat the ladies off of you by having a larger penis, no man could.  You will get to that enviable position by being a sweet, nice, interested guy who really knows how to talk to women about their concerns.
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Incidentally, I said "15" because your profile said your age is 15.  If it is 14, just substitute the number in what I said above.
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AnnieBrooke said it fantastically!  It's probably a bit hard to believe her.  The world of teenagers is a cruel and ridiculous one.  The biggest worry (in the real world) isn't the size of your penis - it should be how you treat the one you're with and how they treat you.  That's not to console you - it's just the truth.  Your penis is an average size, so you should be able to feel comfortable with it.  Just make sure you stay away from porn - not from a morality point of view, but because they find freaks of nature that can make perfectly wonderful men (with perfectly wonderful penises) feel insecure for no reason!  Remember, girls feel that they should have HUGE breasts, but I've only ever met a few people that hold women to that standard (and they were horrible people anyway.
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Your size is perfectly OK, so please do not worry about it. You can really forget about penis enlargements - there are more risks and negative side effects (e.g. damaging of the functions of penis etc) than benefits. And it is also true, that your body is still growing, so it is hard to know now what your size will be when you are 25 or so. In any case, do not worry about the size, your size gives you all the good chances to have a good and mutually satisfying sex life in your future. I wish you all the best!
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your still young don't be so intimidated by that kind of jokes.
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Thank you all :) I guess I was just dense bout the idea. So in the mythology, does masturbating too much make you go blind (or have worse eye conditions) because I started wearing glasses a year ago which was the same time I was masturbating alot :/
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That's a total urban myth, masturbation has no effect on your eyesight whatsoever.
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hi VainXTZ being blind by means of masturbating could be true if your semen rush into your eyes. LOL that's a joke to make you laugh. now for the serious one it's not true, there is no scientific studies about that.maybe some of your activities affect your eye such as playing video games, too much watching tv and etc. hope that helps.
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I think you should be less concerned as there are many guys with smaller penises than that.It is in within normal range.  there is more than one way to stimulate a women and as you get older and find a person who truly cares about you you will find that this isnt a matter.
there has been many things said about masturbation to get people to not do it but in truth is normal and healthy.
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hi vain....lets see, ur concerned about ur penis size because ur gf was making penis jokes one day... im not a man and i dont have a penis but i defintely know what it is like to be unsure and self conscious about a part of ur body.... i would basically think of it this way, u r who u r, and if whoever ur with doesnt like something that u cannot change then dont worry about it and ur better off without them! besides size doesnt always matter anyway!! :)
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