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I think I've reached a point where, masturbating has no effect on me. I do not gain satisfaction, I do not get hard from anything anymore, I have officially broken the genitalia of the male human species, and after millions of years of evolution, I have finally gone and done it.
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Sorry to hear of your prblm, but I think we need a little more info. What did you mean by ‘broken the genitalia of the male human species’ ?? Did you do smthg somewhat abusive to yourself, like excessively vigorous masturbation? Also, give us some background - your age, past sexual practices, frequency of sexual activity, etc.

Did this issue come on suddenly, or were you starting to experience some difficulties in recent months or years?

I’m not sure anyone will be able to offer good advice w/ out knowing a bit more about your situation, so please provide kind of a brief history of your sexual practices, frequencies, etc...
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So you're experiencing erectile dysfunction. I'm with Bonzo - can we have a bit more info?

Have you seen a doctor? Ruled out anything physical? Could it be psychological? How long has it been happening?
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UncleRodney, did you see auntiejessi’s & my requests for a little more info about what’s going on?  We’d really like to help, but just don’t have enuf to go on in order to offer some good advice. As a guy, I know so well how much any type of sexual dysfunction damages a man’s self-esteem - it can be very traumatic. So if you’re still ‘out there’, please help us to help you...
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