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How do you make this stop

Hi, for the past few weeks I have had a huge sex drive. I've been touching myself and watching the "videos" and feel guilty and I want it to stop. I didn't use to be like this I got like this after the first year of college ended . How can I die it down and make it stop.
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If you limit your time that you spend by yourself, you should be able to cut down on masturbating. Get out of your room more often and force yourself to socialize more with family and friends at home or outside. Block yourself from visiting websites that arouse you. Another idea that might help you, would be realizing that when you feel the urge to masturbate, you need to shift your focus right away to another activity (find a new hobby, exercise, watch a movie w/ a family member, etc...). Keeping yourself busy will help keep you distracted from thinking about acting on your urges. It's okay to masturbate, but do it in moderation...
Hang in there :)
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The above suggestion is quite good. To help you to do the above activity, use breathing techniques/exercises. If you learn few breathing exercises, you will be able to control, your body and mind.  this exercise is abdominal breathing. when you want to distract from masturbation, do this exercise. Also learn groin exercises. this will serve double purpose. They will help you to strengthen your sexual stamina and allow you to control your sexual urge. You will get benefits to improve your self. wish you best of luck.
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