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Hymen won't break

I've tried having sex with my boyfriend twice now, and my hymen won't break/ tear. Some people have said theirs tear easily. But we've tried to break it a few times now just by penetration and it just hurts. He says we can "keep trying", but I'd rather not. My parents don't know I'm having sex with him, so I don't want to ask my mom to see an OB GYN to have my hymen cut or anything. I don't know what to do...
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So true Annie - or as my mother in law put it "when the blood fills the penis, it leaves the brain"  :)
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If your mom does not know you're having sex and you don't want to tell her, I assume you are rather young?  If so, I would second the notion that you not "keep trying."  You've got time.

I would, however, for general purposes, tell your mom sometime in the next few months that you'd like to get set up with an ob-gyn.  You have a woman's body now, you should have a woman's doctor, not a pediatrician.  (Points if the ob-gyn is also a woman.)  Most women's main doctor is her gynecologist, simply because of the need for breast exams and pap smears.  It's not unusual for a teenager to have an ob-gyn.

If your tries to have sex with your boyfriend were unprotected, take a pregnancy test in a couple of weeks.  It sounds like the sex was too painful for you to have tons of lubricating juices, but if you did and if he had pre-ejaculatory fluid, there is a (very, very slim) chance of pregnancy if you two went at this unprotected.

Be careful, sweetheart.  When a boyfriend gets sex on his mind, he is not thinking of your best interests.  As the saying goes, all his brains go to the head of his - - - - .  You're the one who needs to say what feels right to you, and to watch out for your health and your future.

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