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I am unable to ejaculate.

I am a 39 year old Asian male. I have Type 1 diabetes. I have no been able to ejaculate when I climax. I have researching but there seems to be no precedent case similar to mine. I went to do check-up but doctors can’t seem to have a definitive answer for me.

Does anyone have similar issue? Is it due to diabetes?
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I wonder if yoiu might have retrograde ejaculation? That's when the semen is ejcted backwards into the bladder rather than out thru the penis. It's not necessarily harmful, but doesn't feel the same & is usually not as pleasurable as a regular ejaculation. You said you went for a checkup - was that with your regular Dr? If so, maybe see a Urologist. Maybe some further tests can get to the bottom of this...
That’s what they suspect but after checking, they say it’s not because there was no sperm found in my urine.

Posting my question here because it’s really unheard of.

But thank u for responding.
It's been several weeks, but do you have any additional information on this? One question: When they checked your urine, how soon was that after your previous sexual activity? I would think they'd need to check almost immediately after, otherwise, whatever was there would have emptied out with your next couple of urinations, so I'm not sure that would rule out retrograde ejaculation. If they are absolutely certain that's NOT it, did the Dr. have any other suggestion about what's causing this?
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