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I binge on orgasms, and need to stop. Where should I go to get help?

I'm 30, single, and horny all the dang time. I stopped dating my bf; a big factor was his lack of performance. So yes, I really like sex and masturbating.
On an average I have an orgasm at least twice a day. Life usually keeps me busy, distracting me from sexual desires. But there are times, like this weekend, where I go on a binge. Yesterday I had sex 3 times with a man, and had multiple orgasms with him. Today I masturbated 4 times! Not to mention I had sex with 3 other men this month alone.
Normally my urges dont get in the way of life, but now it really is. It's getting out of hand. I think I need help but I don't know where to go.
Does anyone have an idea who I can talk to about my "whatever you want to call it" problem?
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Are you having an issue with the desire, or do you think you're using it to distract from life or for some other emotional or psychological reason - do you think it's physical or emotional?

I'd start first with getting a physical - rule out hormonal imbalances.

If your hormones are fine, then I'd ask for a referral to a counselor that specializes in sexuality or sexual problems.
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I think that’s good advice, auntiejessi. Just to add another thought - whenever we talk about a sexual addiction, it’s always in the context of ‘Is this interfering with your day to day life, such as work or social activities?’. It’s not clear whether this is the case, BUT, the fact that Chava is concerned about it means it probably IS. Also, it sounds like this unusually large focus on sex could be leading her to very risky behavior, and that alone should be reason to seek some counseling for this...
Agree totally.
I  would say its more of a psychological help. But I honestly didn't think about chemical imbalance. I do have a history of unconsensual sex. I remember praying to God I was a virgin the night I lost my virginity, before it even happened. I remember some moments when I was little, but its very hazy. I live a pretty good life. Supporting, loving family. But I have been battling this issue for a long, long time.
I don't know names of support groups that help with this stuff.
Any suggestions?
Thank you both for the responses.
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