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I got head &now my c*lt is itchy idk what to do & I can’t tell my parents

don’t judge me
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Hi.  How old are you? You received oral sex?  Do you have a vaginal discharge?  Most likely this is something like a yeast infection.  Which itches.  So, do you have a vaginal discharge and what exactly is itching?  The whole genital area?
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this itching is around the clitoris are and sometimes it’s around my vagina
It might just be irritation. Was this the first time you received oral sex?

Does anything hurt?

How long ago did this happen? How old are you? Do you have a way to get to a doctor by yourself if you needed to?
Yes it was the first time and it happen maybe last week, it doesn’t Hurt but it itches so much  and I’m 16 no I don’t have a way to go by myself
You could have a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis, both of which can happen without any sexual activity. The oral sex may have triggered it, but so can many, many other things. Can you tell your mom that you think you may have a yeast infection and have her take you to the doctor? Do you think she'd let you go into the doctor alone?

The chances that you'd get an STD from receiving oral sex are really low, but you should be seen to make sure you don't have bacterial vaginosis, which needs antibiotics to clear up.
I don’t think she would let me be there alone but I’ll try
How are you feeling now? Have you been able to talk to your mom or see a doctor?
It got less itchy and no unfortunately I haven’t been able to go to a doctor
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