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Is this possible

I am on the pill and have been for the last 5/6 months, my boyfriend still mainly uses condoms but occasionally will go without but he still doesn't want to ejaculate in side me which is fine I completely understand, his reason is that his mum fell pregnant 3 out 4 times whilst being on the pill, his dad told him that. I didn't even know that there was even a chance of pregnancy whilst being on the pill as long as it is taken correctly.
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No sure what you are asking. However, it does not make sense to use condoms sometimes and go without others. The pill is not 100%, but it is a great way to not get pregnant.  There are very minority of women that do get pregnant on the pill, but majority do not. When having sex, there is a risk in getting pregnant regardless of the birth control.  In my humble opinion, this is why people should be ready financially and mentally when they are having sex. Something can happen and you could end up pregnant.  
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The pill is 95-99% effective if taken properly BUT some women who take it religiously at the same time every day without fail still get pregnant..... I'm 1 of those women.  No matter what form of BC I've used I end up pregnant, but when I don't take the BC I don't get my period or ovulate.  I've conceived on 4 different BC pills, the patch, & the shot.  

There is only 1 guarantee of not getting pregnant & it's not to have sex.

If your boyfriend is worried about getting you pregnant even though you are on the pill then he should ALWAYS be using a condom as well.  

Hope that helps as I don't quite know what you were asking.
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