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Masterbation Issue ! HELP

I am 17, and I do masterbate everyday.I ejaculate after few min of masterbation my first time load is more and thick.But I am loosing mood to do again after once,even if I do I *** very little.How to avoid this ?? How many times can I masterbate in a day ?? How to increase my volume of ejaculate ??

Can I taste my ejaculate ? What is pre-ejaculate and *** ??
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Hi masturbating is healthy but don't expect the same amount each time you do it , the body has to have time to produce more sperm , its up to you how many times you do it but don't expect a better climax as the first one , you will come to no harm  tasting your sperm at all , pre-ejaculate is clear its the body's lube comes when you are excited , its normal , Take care , Enjoy your Teens ,
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After ejaculation, your sexual system relaxes. It takes minimum half an hour to get aroused again. There is a technique called -edging-. with this technique you can enhance pleasure as will as you train your brain to delay ejacuation. Google edging to learn the details.
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