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Minoxidil/Rogaine and pregnancy

For several months I have been using minoxidil/Rogaine 5% foam twice daily on my head and beard (I know this was absolutely foolish). My wife is five and a half weeks pregnant and I have halted minoxidil use immediately after finding out the good news last week. She doesn't use these products herself, but has been directly exposed to 5% minoxidil foam through 1) running her hands through my hair more than a few times within a few minutes of application over the last few weeks, and 2) if any was in my semen during conception and a handful of subsequent instances of unprotected sex around that time ~ month ago.

I am very concerned about the guidance that pregnant women should not come into contact with minoxidil at all,  potential for birth defects, etc., and my wife had come into contact several times through the ways described above.
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According to the site - https://parsamohebi.com/hair-loss/medical-treatment/minoxidil-rogaine/minoxidil-faq/ - it says it shouldn't be used by women during pregnancy. It also says this:

Can my husband use minoxidil during my pregnancy?

Current studies do not preclude minoxidil from being used by men while their partner is pregnant. The amount of minoxidil that would be excreted in the male semen is likely negligible. However, minoxidil should not be handled by a pregnant female due to possible risk to the fetus.

I'd assume "handled" would mean more than just rubbing her hands through your hair, but talk to her doctor, or even call the company. If you can safely use it during pregnancy, I think you're okay.

It's probably fine, but definitely let your wife's OBGYN know about it so they are aware. Let us know what you find out.

Congrats on the pregnancy. :)
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