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My boyfriend and I tried anal, why won't the bleeding stop?

I'm an 19 year old woman and my boyfriend and I decided three days ago to try anal. To be completely honest, we weren't fully sober and we just decided to give it a go.We used no lube which is obviously the cause of the bleeding, he put it in three times before I told him it was too painful (he has quite a thick penis) to do without lube. I did not bleed the next day when I had a bowl movement, however yesterday and today when I go to the toilet I'm bleeding quite a lot. There is a rip at the opening of my anus causing the bleeding but it's bleeding a lot when I go to the bathroom and a few drops every now and then inbetween. I guess my question is how do I get the bleeding to stop and how long will it take? I've had anal fissures before but there was not this much blood.
Thanks for the quick response.
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