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My girlfriend doesn't enjoy penetration

Hello everyone,
My girlfriend loves sex, we keep doing that all the time, she like everything ( kisses, touches, oral sex, etc ), she is a giver too :), she like to make me happy doing all the things that she can.. She loves oral sex the most, it takes here some minutes to reach orgasm and she keep asking for it.. i don't have a problem with that BUT when it comes to penetration, she doesn't feel that much, she told me that she likes things that move inside her vagina or in the external area, but she doesn't like the " in-out" move.. we tried every position we can, we tried penetration for a long period of time ( 30min or more ).. and nothing, she couldn't reach the orgasm or feel anything great like it..
is there a problem with me ? her ? and is there a solution for that ?
i really don't enjoy having sex just for me, i want her to enjoy it too :(
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Women can orgasm in many ways but we have to learn how. We are not like men when it comes to sex.

The only way for her to learn penetration orgasm is to explore her body through masturbation! You can't penetrate her and expect her to enjoy it until she knows how.

The easiest way for her to learn how is to buy a dildo, preferably a realistic skinned one that does not vibrate. It should be the correct size for her in length, not too long, not too short. Too long may hurt her, too short and she won't be able to feel anything deep, which are most times the best orgasms a woman can have during penetration. She will be able to control it how SHE wants, she will be able to learn properly what movements she enjoys. You can't do that for her because you simply have no idea what she will enjoy.
Preferably she should do this masturbating alone so that she doesn't feel expected to please you. She needs to be able to be selfish to a certain extent, so that she can get off for herself.

A few good tips:

- The more lubricant there is the better it feels. Dry chafing does not feel good to us! Slippery is a good thing, so if she isn't wet enough, invest in a good lube! Make sure your penis is also lubed up, not just her.

- Choose a position that feels romantic and passionate to her.

- Excite her passionately, flirt with her, encourage her, compliment her, tell her she's beautiful and how much she is turning you on. Show her. A lot of women need passion and emotional excitement in order to orgasm, whatevr that looks like for them personally. Ask her. I love when my man stares into my eyes while he's penetrating me, it's very exciting. Don't act like you are bored, ever. She seems like she is a pleaser. It will just make her bored if you aren't pleased, and therefore she won't feel anything.

- Try different movements and shallow penetration, deep penetration. Start gentle, teasing her vagina with the tip of your penis. When you have it in all the way, make sure to emphasize the first thrust in, stay there for awhile so she can get used to it. If she is tight it may hurt a little bit. Make sure it is goes deep. This can cause a very amazing orgasm for females. Try not to even go in and out, just press in deeper into her, press in hard. Try hard and fast, try slow and gentle, all types of penetration.
If she likes things moving inside her vagina, then do it for however long it takes for her to feel something else.

If all else fails, combine clitoral stimulation with penetration. A woman shouldn't need this however. All it takes is masturbating so she can experiment with learning how to enjoy penetration.
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Try rubbing her c lit.  While doing it. Or have her do it alot of females can't reach an orgasm wit just doing it that helps alot!  Best of luck
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If you kegel exercise, while doing intercourse, your penis will have vertical movement in the vagina. This will give her different sensation. Just try this method. Google Kegel exercise. Learn it practice it and do it . She can do the same exercise. You can kegel each other alternatively.
while doing intercourse lean on her so that her clitoris is rubbed by the dorsal region of your penis.Adopt a position in whidh her clitoris is rubbed. She may rub it with her fingers while    doing intercourse. Just try.
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