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So, while having sex with my boyfriend I am unable to climax, we have had sex a fair few times and every time I can't reach climax. He finishes early and well i don't feel satisfied. help?
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Hi try and talk it through with you boyfriend just explain your feelings , and tell him you need more attention , once he know's he will do his utmost to please you , take care ,  
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You might be one of the "normal" women who can't climax from penitration. Most women need clitorial stimulation.
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Every girlfriend I've ever had has the same problem.  
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It's common problem,directly don't go for main play do lot of foreplay after that go for it.
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He finishes early- this means he ejaculates prematurely.He may take some time to get use to you and do not ejaculate earliest.The one who masturbates ejaculate earlier as he has trained his brain to ejaculate earlier.Edging is the technique to ejaculate after the female gets orgasm. When he feels urge to ejaculate, he should pause and concentrate on breathing,.When he feels secured that he will not ejaculate, he should start thrusting. YOu can google edging to know the more details. I think it is not your fault that you do not get orgasm. If he sustain his erections for longer period you will automatically reach orgasm.
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