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New things about my body

I'm 22 and I just discovered my clit. All I can think about for the past 4 days is this and simulating it. I'm starting to get worried I might be addicted to masturbation. I haven't actually masturbated in 2 days but I'm just getting really anxious about being addicted to it. Can someone help me out with this thanks!
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Masturbation isn't problematic unless you allow it to become your main focus throughout your day, or cause yourself injury. If you believe it's causing you to lose focus on the more important things in life, then it's time for you to practice moderation and more self control. Masturbating once or twice a day should be fine, after that you need to consider spending more time on other activities. You can begin by redirecting your thoughts; anytime you feel the urge to masturbate, that's when you need to shift your focus right away, to completing other tasks. Practice keeping yourself busy by making a list of things that you need to complete each day (exercise, errands, chores, whatever). Anytime you need to be distracted from masturbating, refer back to your list of things to do, to help shift your focus. Keeping masturbation in check, and other areas of your life balanced, will help you feel less anxious and more confident about yourself...
Good Luck
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