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I am 21 years old now and have been sexually active since 17. This whole time I have not been able to feel the actual sexual intercourse. it feels like nothing when ever me and my partner do anything together. I am simulated through other things just not actual sex or anything to do with anything going in that hole. please help
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I too had the same problem. Try squeezing down there. Try different position positions. Maybe buy a sex position book. With my current boyfriend now I lay on my stomach and *** a lot. Now whether or not it from the position position or bc he isn't cut I don't know but it wouldn't hurt to try it.
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so you are stimulated by feeling your clitoris? then when he is on top, make sure his body is pressed tightly against yours, and that would help when hes sliding up and down :) and like princess said, try more positions and get a book, or just a kamasutra phone apps :)
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I have tried seriously every position I could think of and still nothing. I am just sick of only being able to feel anything from the clitoris and would actually like to enjoy having sex with my boyfriend. I don't know if it could possibly be a hormone imbalance or something. Every time I look online I get the same questions as mine but no answers. It's not from being afraid or needing to relax so I'm not quite sure what's wrong.
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Well hmmm maybe try some stuff called like a virgin. You can get it online on a site called ****.com. it tightens you up down there. I know you said it's been like that seen you started having sex but I'm just trying to throw you some ideas:/. I know how frustrating that is.
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It may be worth you doing pelvic floor exercises to tighten up the muscles around the pelvic floor.

Most women only reach orgasmic satisfaction by the clitoris being stimulated with the in and out motions.

There are also sex toys on the market that may help.

Best wishes.
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Consult a gynecologist to rule out any medical issues. Google Female Deer Exercise. This exercise may solve your problem. You may do kegel exercise also to strengthen your pelvic floor.Anal peripheral prostate massage(Though there is no prostate in female, this exercise can help you) may stimulate you sexually.This is an important issue of your life. Try all possible treatment. Doctor's advice is very important..
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Actually, I've been researching this too (google researching, anyway). Apparently it could just be sexual dysfunction. It's exactly what it sounds like, and it sounds like you're having exactly the same problem I am, and I am so sorry for you because I know how terrible and frustrating it is. It doesn't look like there are many real treatments either. No medications have been approved by the FDA to help and there's no definite cause of why it happens. It could be physical or psychological, emotional, related to trauma or abuse. Hormones. So we don't know much about it. Again, I'm really sorry. I really encourage you to talk to your doctor about it, and maybe she can check to see if your hormones and organs are normal and whether there are any techniques or certain aphrodisiacs that might help you. If not, maybe she can refer you to a psychologist who can decide what exactly is causing the problem, if it's not physical.
Don't give up hope. I'm still hoping there's a solution for women like us. And good luck. I really hope you can get things sorted out and enjoy your sex life.
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