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Painful vaginal orgasms (TMI)

I am experiencing uncomfortable orgasm through clitoral stimulation. When I orgasm, the contracting muscles in my vaginal walls feel a lot like menstrual cramps, or that they are perhaps tensing up, causing a tight, sort of 'knotting' discomfort. Normally, I masturbate every day or every other day (sorry for TMI), multiple times a day. Lately I have not for about a week or so, until just recently. What I have noticed is that I tend to get them after a long time of no sexual activity. I actually have never had a painful orgasm during sex, but through clitoral stimulation I sometimes will experience this cramping.

Also, the other day I felt a strange pain in my vagina. I cannot pinpoint the exact area, but it felt almost like a nerve-like pain. It was subtle, but it felt strange. This pain was more in the clitoris/labia. I have not seen a gynecologist. Are these pains a sign of something potentially harmful? I know I could look up the symptoms and their correlations, but I would like to hear from a medical community to sort things out a little more before I decide to see a doctor about this.
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Also, this may or may not add any clarity to the possible issue, but I do have very painful menstrual cramps on the first day of my period.
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I have sharp pain on one side of my vagina during use of clitoral stimulation and use of a vibrator, I think it may be scar tissue from a fractured pelvis from 20 years ago. I will be seeing a Urogynocologist in May. You need to see a gynecologist who may precribe pelvic floor therapy. This had helped me with incontinence and sexual function but the pain I still have also travels down the nerve trunk in my thigh. So best idea is to see a specialist.
Seeing a gynecologist or urology will be a right step. You may think of doing kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor. Clitoris is full of nerve endings, requiring a mild stimulation.
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