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Partial ED...NEED Advice

I'm a 47 year old male who can only get semi hard when my girl friend has her hand on it....once she lets go it goes soft......now sometimes its hard but again once she lets go it goes soft...

I can get off by her hand but can't stay hard enough to have actual sex....I need this fixed.

Internit porn I feel is the main problem....sometimes I jack off 1 to 3 times a day..mostly 1 but sometimes more....hell I've been gotten off by girlfriend and she will leave and il be right back at it but what ***** it can take up to 2 or 3 hours to get off sometimed...I want to quit after half hour but wanna keep going just to get off

Now from what I've read this is really bad it sounds like pretty much I need to stop watching born and jacking off to let the body build back up and brain to reboot.

How long do you got to go without any sexual activity?

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Should also include I am over weight but have seen over weight guys on internet have sec with women on internet....

So in sure this could be a factor but I feel its not the main one.

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Your answers are in your comments.  Your compulsive masturbation is sapping much of your sexual energy and not leaving enough for your time with your partner.  Your sexual needs have been overtaken by a habit.  Cutting back on masturbation and porn will help, but you may need to avoid masturbation/porn entirely for best results for a long-lasting relationship.  Your weight is the other factor here, and getting that under control should also help ED problems, beyond overall health, energy level, appearance, and so on.    
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