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Penetration problem


I'm not sure how to solve the problem with penetration. When we are making sex, when I'm trying to penetrate her, she is pushing back or pressing legs against me, so I can't enter. I assume its because of fear and pain (she is a virgin). I have tried different positions, using more or less water lubricant; but no effect. Next tome I consider first using fingers to slowly increase the size of penetration: from one finger, two fingers. It was our 2nd attempt. I'm comforting her all the time, trying to make her relax...but nothing works....

I would be very grateful for any time how to solve this problem.

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Hi please be Gentle with your partner , Gentle foreplay is the answer and your partner must be willing to take part , if she say's no it means no  , take care ,
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Your are familiar with each other but not with your body. It may be difficult for her to reach the highest step of intercourse directly. Do it by baby steps. you may masturbate each other, you may keep your penis on her vagina, you may keep your glans on her clitoris. this would be very pleasant method. put your finger near the mouth of vagina, and with other hand bring your penis near vagina keeping finger as reference point. Move slowly as if your threading a needle. Insert and stop several type.(do not enter all at a time) Use your creativity keeping in mind that she should not be afraid. Keep talking to her. Ask her to continue slow and deep breathing. Initial attempt are pleasant as well as painful.
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