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Sexual Penetration

I have I guess an average length penis about 7 inches maybe slightly longer and probably thicker than average with a large head when fully erect.  I am able to keep a full erection for up to an hour or longer during oral sex and intercourse.  I usually wait to *** until after my partner has *** once or twice.  She will usually have a clitoral orgasm first and then a vaginal orgasm after that.  By that time I am usually a lot deeper into her vaginal walls than even my penis length.  I can usually feel all of her walls engulfing my fully erect penis and her *** bouncing up and down against my balls and scrotum that are usually stimulated and aroused by this time also.  This is my favorite part of our intercourse when I feel she has opened up all the way for me and she really is enjoying it especially in reverse cow girl position.  I also have a very severe upward curve to my penis I think from a bicycle accident and injury as a child.  I can usually feel my head rubbing against all sides of her walls which is very pleasurable to both of us.  I will usually finish up from the side or with her face down as I thrust with my shaft rubbing against her entry walls in a stirring motion.  My question is what other positions and penetration strategies do women enjoy for clitoral and vaginal stimulation
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That really depends on each persons preference, and what they are comfortable with doing in a sexual manner. There are many books, instructional manuals, a variety of information, and dvd's you can research if you google or use your search bar regarding sexual preferences and positions ~ there's a lot of information out there...
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Even in missionary position, if you touch her shoulder with your opposite shoulder, she would get clitoral stimulation. If is up on you she can adjust,her clitoris in such a way that she gets extreme pleasure. Both of you learn kegel exercise. If you kegel each other, movement of your penis will be vertical and this will give her different sensation. Similarly if she kegels , she grips your penis more strongly with her vaginal walls.Yes, you will find many techniques in websites or sex manuals as suggested by the above poster.
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