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Respected Sir,
             I am a student aged 18. I am having a problem of unusual release of sperms during night from last 4 years and every 4 nights during a week from last couple of months due to which my health has been badly affected. These release of sperms took place with sex dreams.Due to which my penis has become weakened and I feel that i have a release of sperm every time during study as well and some white element also passes through urine. Please give me some advice to cure this disease.
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Three-step to reduce wet dreams

1. Avoid sleeping on your stomach to reduce the chances of a wet dream.

2. Relax in the hours before you go to bed so you don’t feel stressed.

3. Masturbate regularly to reduce your body’s need to release old sperm.

you can also consult with sexologist
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What is the solution to solve this problem?
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i guess you are experiencing wet dreams. it;'s a normal thing experienced by many.
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