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My fiance doesn't like the tast of *** but I love it when he gives me oral. Now it's got to the point he won't even do it anymore though because he hates the taste so much. Do you know of any ways to reduce/eliminate the taste of ***?
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That kinda $ucks for you, a lot off men truly enjoy it!
The only thing that comes to mind are those flavored oils you can find at those sex toy shops and once you're in there, the sales people may have some other suggestions as well.
Good luck to you :)
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you might have a baterial infection, i forget what my doctor told me the crazy medical name for it but she put me on metronidazole vaginal gel, apparently most woman dont know they have it could have no real symptoms except a foul or different odor and some dishcharge, go see your gyno and get a perscription
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