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Tested Positive for Gonorrhea, Boyfriend Negative?

I've been completely baffled for the past 3 days finding out that I was tested positive for gonorrhea so I've been trying to make sense of all this and figure out what could be going on.

My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 months and before we started having sex we of course asked if each other was clean and what not and of course we both said everything was fine. I know for a fact that I am clean considering I go to my gyno every year for a check up, get a pap smear done and I've always come back clean. I've also gotten blood work done from my physician in the past and that's been completely fine too.

My boyfriend's ex used to mess around on him so I wouldn't put it past her to have something and give it to him and for him not to know it. He said he's been tested in the past but he was only tested through blood work. From my understanding, gonorrhea cannot be found through blood unless it's that severe and has gone years without being treated where it has started to travel into the blood stream. So therefore, the blood isn't going to show or prove anything!

When I found out from my doctor that I had this and told my boyfriend, he was honestly shocked! Though I was starting to believe I had received it from him. Considering he might not have been properly tested in the past, he could have had it the whole time, not knowing.

With this, he went to the clinic in our town and got tested specifically for the gonorrhea along with chlamydia. This time, they did only a urine test. Once they did the test they gave him antibiotics to take for the gonorrhea in case the results came back positive and he took them right away. I went to my gyno yesterday for a shot so I'm currently being treated and I know I will be fine physically but emotionally and mentally, it's going to take me a little while to get over this all.

Now today, he got his results back and they said everything was negative! How is this possible!?

** I keep getting told that the sure fire way of finding gonorrhea is through urethral swabs. So I don't feel satisfied with results from a urine or blood test.

** My doctor also said that the only possible way I could have gotten this is through my boyfriend. No other way.
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I think if you some reading up about gonprrhoea, you will find that he can be a carrier and test negative, its a confusing world out there.
Good Luck
But just get him retested, and ask there about him being a carrier and testing negative.
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I've been trying to find stuff out on carriers and I haven't been having major luck finding too much information. If you know anything about it, can you please give me some insight on it.

Like, if this is the case, does this mean the antibiotics cleared him up or does it still run inside him?
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Look the reading up about it just says that carriers can test negative, just google gonorrhoea carriers can test negative, that should take you to the right place.
Good luck
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I just had the same issues with my gentlemen friend I was test for gonorrhea but my friend was negative how can this be I do not understand . I do not sleep around I am sixty years old and I do not believe having more then one partner I am so confused  right I do not know what to do.
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