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Very Painful Large Bump IN Labia Minors

I just got tested for STD's... Had none. I haven't been sexually active in about a month. I shaved the inner lip of my labia because it was hairy and irritating. A few days later, there was a large, hard/squishy, tender, itchy, burning, bump. There is NO head to it. But it is kind of white on the top. it is very painful and there is a lot of friction. IT IS at the upper labia minors on the left side. What is it & how do I treat it?
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You ll probably need antibiotics. It is classic case of folliculitis causes by shaving or waxing these areas. Try to see a doctor to get a prescription. In the mean time apply some topical antibiotic cream if you have one or you can get one over the counter. Fusidic acid will do fine but arrange an appointment cause i dont see it very likely to resolve without oral antibiotics
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It could be a cyst (Bartholin), which are common in many women and are not the cancerous kind. You should make an appointment to see your gynecologist/doctor to make absolutely sure of what it is. If it is a cyst, the doctor can drain it during your appointment if it becomes too painful for you.  Often they drain on their own, but they do become very tender prior to that happening. You can do a little research online about the cysts to see if this is the same thing you have, before you see the doctor...
Good Luck
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