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What could I do to treat my vaginal tear?

Recently, me and my boyfriend had oral sex. We were in the position '69' and while he was giving me oral sex, I pulled off of him and he accidentally gave me a cut on my vaginal lip. We didn't notice until after we had sex that there was blood almost everywhere on my lower body. I instantly went in the shower and cleaned myself up. I've been wearing boxers so it won't irritate the tear. It stings a little when I pee, but I usually run my vagina with water while I pee to decrease the stinging. Instead of using toilet paper, I've been rinsing with water. The tear is now a little white but, I'm thinking that's because it's been oxidized. It's not a major paint but just a little sensitive. I want to know if there are any home remedies for me to treat this tear; if rinsing with salt water will help or if taking antibiotics will help. I barely have any time to go to a doctor. Honestly, this situation is quite embarrassing to me and my boyfriend.
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Keep the area as clean and dry as possible; don't apply anything and avoid harsh soaps for a few days.  It's not uncommon to have a minor tear or a scratch, but you should tell your BF to be more gentle, and keep his fingernails clipped & clean in order to avoid any further damage to your vagina.  If you ever have a cut/scratch that becomes painful and swollen, infected or bleeds a lot, you should be examined by a doctor right away.
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