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Why did he do this?

My boyfriend and I hooked up for the first time, we only started dating about a month ago. I've been with one other guy before, and it was really different. While I was giving my boyfriend a **, he kept closing his eyes, opening his mouth and like groaning. Does that mean it was good?? When I stopped I was scared I was doing something wrong because he was like moaning.
Also, when we started to have sex, (im on the pill), we started without a condom. I haven't had sex in over a year, so I guess I was pretty tight again because within about 3 minutes he went to go get a condom. He has been with 2 others girls before, so it's not like it's his first time sleeping with someone.

Why did he stop to get a condom? Was he worried that I'd get pregnant or worried that he'd finish too soon? And what about his reaction during the **?

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It was definitely a good thing that he was moaning. :-)

As for the condom, my guess is that you'd gotten him so turned on with the ** that he was afraid he'd finish before you were ready. Thoughtful of him, really.
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He was enjoying the oral a lot. For me whenever I'm doing something a guy likes he alway closes his eyes and moans. I think he may have stopped to get a condom for one of two reasons. 1. He wanted to delay cumming so fast and 2 because if  you were really tight he wanted the lubricant that comes with using a condom. Either way it sounds like you did a good job.
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You should be asking him these questions. I know it's embarrassing, but open communication is crucial to a successful relationship.
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