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Will my gf get pregnant?

Ok, i had sex with my gf but without cumming in her. (Not even close to cumming). From many masturbation experiences, i do not see any pre-*** too. Furthermore, the day we had sex was approximately 2 days after her period. What are the odds of her getting pregnant?

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Please comment if u guys have any idea,
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Due to the fact that it was only a few days after her period she most likely wasn't ovulating, but it is never a good idea to use the "pull out" method. The preejaculate may flow out during intercourse and is VERY concentrated with sperm. During actual intercourse, your level of excitement will probably be greater increasing the production of preejaculate so I wouldn't use masterbation as an acurate test in how much you produce.
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I am pretty sure i wasnt excited when i was having sex. And also very sure that i do not precum during handjobs or masturbation. Also During sex, i wasnt even close to orgasm or semi orgasm. Is there still chances of my gf getting pregnant?
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Furthurmore i did not even ejaculate during the period that we were having fun. (i masturbed after she left)
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Oh I've had the pullout methods with my ex's but escaped pregnancy so many times and even with the guy I'm with now we have had sex with him commin in me but no pregnancy I'm well gutted and no she cannot get pregnant unless there is a egg in her body which is only released once in a month and stays only for a few hours! And the egg is released 2weeks after her last period and before her next period. She will be fine but if ure too worried and hate condoms I would suggest get ure girlfriend to get an iucd for.protection against pregnancy
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