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Would testosterone (ftm) help with my fibrocystic breast changes?

I'm a transgender male (pre-t) and I've been having issues in which before every period my breasts develop lumps and its sort of painful. I went to a doctor for it and she said its normal to experience that before your period as long as they go away (and they do) however its uncomfortable going through it once a month EVERY month and, since I'm trans, it worsens my dysphoria. So if I were to go on testosterone and transition like I want, would these fibrocystic breast changes go away, stay, or worsen? Its sort of my deciding factor for going on testosterone at this point--I dont want to start it if its only going to make things worse for me in the breast department.
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I'm so sorry, I can't find much on testosterone and fibrocystic breasts, and I bet you couldn't either, which is why you're asking.

You can look at this 2 ways - either no research has been done on this at all, or it's not a concern with testosterone. Since birth control pills can help this, and they lower the cycle-related hormone levels, it would seem that testosterone may help, but I can't find anything at all to back that up.

It might be worthwhile to see a breast specialist first, especially since it worsens your dysphoria every month. I'd hate for it to make things worse. :(

Please let us know what you find out, and I'm sorry I couldn't find anything to help.
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