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are there natural ways to solve ED?

i have ED from untreated psych med priparism...

are there any natural ways to solve ED?

i don't want to pop a pill to get hard.....
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L-Arginine, which is widely available (WalMart has it) has an effect of dilating blood vessels that can help a bit. There are other 'natual' products that can nelp - Maca root, Ahwagandha, etc. Do a little online research & you can find a number of foods & supplements that help - they don't have as dramatic an effect as Viagra, Cialis, etc., but they're worth trying, especially if you don't have severe ED, just need a little help...
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how about these supplements effect diabetes? i have type 2...and i'm worried about it interfering with it...
As far as I know, I don’t think any of these would affect diabetes, don’t think they have any effect on blood sugar. They could affect blood pressure slightly, so if you have any worries about that, you could check w/ your Dr. Hiwever, I’ll caution you that most MD’s don’t react very favorably to use of supplements or natural solutions. Some of the younger ones are prbly a little more favorable, older ones more convinced that only traditional medical treatment is to be trusted...
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