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can sperm survive on a wet towel and impregnate me?

hello so the other day i washed my hands in the bathroom then dried them off with a towel that my brother use just before me and then i fingered myself so i think there was pre ejaculate/sperm on the towel although my hands were completely dry when i masturbated so the question is will i get pregnant because of that? knowing that i was on my first day of ovulation
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No. Even if your brother had ejaculated into the towel immediately prior, which you'd have felt on the towel - it would have been wet, and your hands wouldn't have been dry - by the time you masturbated, there would be too much exposure to air and movement for this to do anything.

You get pregnant when you have sex - a penis ejaculating into your vagina.
i was thinking like that but then i was like the towrl was wet and my finger is dry but then what if sperm was stuck under my nails or something because i read that on the internet  if it was stuck under the nails or around knuckles it might enter the body and impregnate me . thank you for responding tho and could you please correct me if what i read was wrong
No, it takes some force  - the ejaculation - to push the sperm all the way into your vagina and up into the fallopian tubes to meet an egg to fertilize.

It just doesn't happen the way you describe. Don't believe everything you read on the internet.
Sperm is quite fragile, actually.  Very little ever is strong enough to swim to an ovary even with an intense ejaculation.  That any human ever gets pregnant is a miracle.  Once outside the body, sperm can't do anything.  Also, sperm isn't just wet, it's quite sticky.  If it's not sticky, it's not sperm -- not all ejaculate is sperm.  But outside of the body, nobody gets pregnant, and seriously, think about it, all of us who are sexually active have sperm stains on all our sheets and we've slept on it and nobody ever got pregnant from it.  Right?  Relax.
thank you both i really appreciate it
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