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condom keeps breaking!?

hi, kay so me and my boyfriend have been together for a while now and we always use a condom when having sex BUT lately its been breaking and we don't understand why. we're not using the cheep condoms so we don't know whats going wrong. can it break if i'm not ''wet'' enough during sex? i just want to know why it keeps breaking ?? a couple weeks ago when it happend he was worried so got me the day after pill the next day. the condom broke again last friday but we didn't get the day after pill this time. i just got over my period a day before we had sex and isn't it right after your period its your lease time for makking a baby?? im confused and just want to know why it keeps breaking???? help!!

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Are you using oil based lubricants? With a few exceptions (vegetable oils), they will weaken a latex condom.
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OK, a couple of thoughts, the last one very off-the-wall.

1.  z726 is right, if you are using a lubricant like Vaseline or any other oil, it can weaken a condom.

2.  If you are not using lubricated condoms, try them.  Any issue of you being too 'dry' would be alleviated if the condom itself provides lubrication.

3.  If he wants a child and you don't, is he the one in charge of storage and producing the condom at the big moment, or are you?  If it is he, you might try keeping the condoms yourself and keeping them in your control until use.  I heard once on this site of a woman who wanted a baby and her husband did not, and she secretly poked holes in their condom supply.  I know this is far fetched, but thought I'd just mention it.  Repeated condom failure of good quality condoms is pretty darn unusual, they go through a rigorous quality program at the factory.
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nope, no oil based lubricants.
they are lubricated condoms though.
and he gets the condoms but i keep them with me. i watched him open a brand new box that he just had bought and we used one which ened up breaking.
but no he does not want a baby right now and i deffinatly don't as well.
and yes, repeated condom failure is unusual. thats why i thought it was my fault.. maybe i was doing something wrong.. i don't know. he thinks i planned the condom breakage, which i didn't! im no where near ready for a baby.  
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