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erection and Kepra

Ever since taking Kepra 500mg twice a day I no longer get aroused and thus no erection at all. Tried Viagra and other such stimulants with no results.
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If you google "can Keppra cause impotence" or "can seizure medication cause erectile dysfunction", there are a lot of results on epilepsy forums that seems to indicate that yes, it can cause this. It's mostly patients reporting the problem on other forums.

I did find this - https://www.futuremedicine.com/doi/10.2217/fnl-2019-0028

Also this - https://www.epilepsy.com/stories/changes-sexual-desire Epilepsy can also cause this.

Talk to your neurologist. Read the stories from other men to see what they've done. Also, see a urologist and rule out any other physical problems that might be causing this. It might be coincidence.

Let us know how you are, and what they find. Good luck. :)
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Thankyou for your help, did contact my specialists and all three agree with you only one who didn't was GP. Again thanks.
Glad to have helped. :)
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