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have i ruined my body?

i have an addiction to masturbation. i do it when im bored even when not aroused. ive been sore down there for years and it actually hurts to touch the clitoris or anything but i force it anyways. it seems to be getting worse but i cant break the habit of doing so. have I permanently damaged myself from not resting it? its been years that its hurt. how can i fix it? i just want to feel good again.
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You can feel good again if you stop masturbation at least for 3 months. yes, it is difficult to break the habit.. With the help of abdominal breathing for 10 minutes twice a day. Google 'abdominal breathing'. Learn it, do it every day.. If you have to do it, do it with lubricated hand. Do not stop breathing, and do it sleeping on your back and not on your stomach. masturbation does not do irreversible harm if you have masturbated in a llimit. Practice, abdominal breathing. you may add some mote breathing exercises from pranayam if you like. It is yoga's system. Do it and change your life.
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Do not feel guilty about masturbation. It is a normal and necessary form of sexual release. I am not sure about your soreness. KY gel might help.
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