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Hey so i am an 18 year old female. I masturbate pretty frequently. I do it about 3 times a day. I was wondering if there are any health risks to doing this and also i am going to my first gyno app which i am not too happy about but is she gonna ask me about this or not. also in the app i am sure my mom is gonna take me but does she stay in the room or do they make her wait outside.
Thanks for the help in advance  
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No, theres no health risks, it would only become a problem if you were to find yourself addicted to it.....it can be that women who do find it hard to orgasm during sex and require a lot of clitoral stimulation, but thats pretty much it. i think its a good way for a woman to get to know her body and what feels good and what doesnt, so when you have sex with a partner then you will know how to guide him in giving you good sex. :)

When ive seen doctors/gynae about things theyve never asked me about masterbation, only sex with a partner etc.

And if you dont want your mum there then you dont have to have her there....the choice is entierly up to you.

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Thanks for the help. If i go to the doctor and she comes do they make leave or do they ask me cus if they ask me i feel like i should say i want her in there but i really dont and i cant say that in front of her. she is a very involved mom
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I believe you go in there by yourself. you are over 18 so you are allowed to have everything confidencial (just between you and the doctor) everything is entirely up to you.
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thanks for the help
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anytime. be open with your doctor, especially if its hard to be open with your parents. your word is safe with them.
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All you have to say to your mum is that you feel like you should do this on your own cause your 18 and want to be independant.
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Though your mom's concerned is only to be around to support or assist you, you have to acknowledge that first, then tell her, that you're 18 and big enough to handle yourself . If she insist, tell her to wait outside the room, and let you talk with your doctor alone.
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