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posted in rare diseases as well. i just need help

ive been a single parent now for nearly 3 years.i have had not a single partner intimately since the last time i was with my now ex husband. in the last 2 years i have dealt with an unbearable itch that has some days and night lead me into tears. there is no smell no discharge no polups, no sores unless i have itched that hard. i made an appointment today to see and obgyn tomorrow. but i am so scared. why am i itching daily? why have i used so many creams, oils, unscented soaps cleansers, i have even gone so far as to use ora-gel down there to just numb it for the 5-10 mins of relief. i am afraid my ex husband gave me something before i left, i dont know. i have a thyroid problem as well as a skin condition called chronic idiopathic urticaria. i dont know if these are connected. my dermatologist says it may be lichen sclerosis. i need some advice im 24 years old and afraid of what i will be told, or how i will explain to anyone i decide to be with what is wrong with me when im running to the bathroom to vigorously itch, or they roll over in bed and im trying to silently cry and itch. i have not slept a full night in almost 2 years....please someone help i am miserable and uncomfortable and just want an answer or something to look for some kind of silver lining....anyone please....
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Please just take it one step at a time.
See what Dr says. See what cures. Don't put cart before horse.
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There is autoimmune thyroid disease that sometimes is seen with CIU as a separate secondary autoimmune condition.  Whenever I hear autoimmune I think it's a good idea to check for Celiac disease.  If you don't have that, read up on trying a non-GMO diet as this has helped a lot of people with autoimmune problems.  
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