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sugess me please,, just a yes or no ans please

i think i have Chlamydia or HPV i dont know what it is .. can you sugess me .??.i dont know what it is rashes,ulser or something like that i am totally unknown about it .it is itching a lot in THIGH and over that area's  and have RED BIG spots,it was small when it was started n now its growing and sometimes i can see DRY and sometimes all RED.i check in internet thats why i am guessing its CHLAMYDIA or HPV or may b not or may be somethings else....i just gave my medical test of blood for goverment work,,,if they find i have those i will b totally messed up .. i just want to know that if they check the blood will they know what is happening to me if i really have those? please sugess me Asap...please please...

i just want to know if they test my blood would they know that i am suffering from those STD's??
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Hi:-) You have to calm down. I can't say I have the answer to your question but I do know that any Test STD related needs your consent...My advice to you is get to the emergency room FAST. They will definitely be able to prescribe antibiotics to help your situation. Just know this...If the blood test for the government job does show an STD and they don't hire you, then that wasn't the Job for you.. First things first tho, GET TO YOUR DOCTORS.. After you have seen a DR. MAKE SURE YOU ALWAYS PRACTICE PROTECTED SEX. To avoid this in the future. Good luck!!!
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Already answered in the chlamydia forum.
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you might want to get that checked out! Chlamydia if not treated can give you PID which is pelvic inflammatory disease and HPV is not that big of a deal.. it goes away within three yrs or so.
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