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will eating pistachios improve erectile dysfunction?

saw a study that it will..

i'm somewhat skeptical about the study though..

is it true?

looking for people who ate them and had improved erections..

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Not everyone reacts to the same treatment the same way. The only real possibility you have to overcome the problem is visiting your doctor. They can help you.

All the best.
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have already saw a doctor about ED....no solutions were given..
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Hmmm... didn’t your Dr. discuss use of one of the Rx drugs like Viagra, Cialis, etc.? Those are fairly helpful for many guys w/ this issue. I can’t believe a Dr. wdn’t have any suggestions at all - ?? There are herbal supplements (Maca root, Ashwagandha, Epimedium, etc.) that can help as well, altho effects aren’t quite as direct/dramatic as the Rx drugs. I think you should find another Dr.! Also, if this was just your PCP, you may want to see a Urologist who specializes in male sexual dysfunction. There are several different issues that can cause ED - Diabetes, poor circulation, low Testosterone, nerve damage, etc., and the correct treatment involves determining which is your particular issue - or sometimes can be more than one. Do some research online as well. Don’t give up - there may well be a solution for you. If you have any success (or try things that work or don’t), let us know. Good luck to you...
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