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I read that endorphins are your body's natural "feel good" stress relieving chemicals which can be released from strenuous exercise, laughing, crying, and sexual activity.  

I was wondering what role endorphins play in sexual arousal and desire.  Does a release of endorphins directly make you feel aroused?   Or do they work in an indirect way by giving you a general sense of well being, happiness, and excitement which will enable you to feel aroused, desirous, and pleasure in a possible sexual situation?  

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The latter. It stands to reason that if one is feeling happy and content, it's much easier to relax and get turned on. I've never seen any data indicating that a release of endorphins actually creates sexual desire. Dr. J
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Cant really say that endorphins make sex better, but can say that after a good workout, your endorphin levels are elevated. These tend to make people happier than normal and that in conjuction with the fact that you more than likely just worked off alot of nervous energy and should be able to relax a bit more should make the act of love making a bit more enjoyable. Not to mention that a bit of a foreplay session that includes a light massage after a good workout could be just the ticket to arouse the sexual side of any person. With the heightened endorphin levels and a good workout under your belt, come home and engage a shared shower to help relax and open the door to an extended love making session.....just a thought...Michael
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